Dipping Belt - Luxury Body Fitness, LLC
Dipping Belt - Luxury Body Fitness, LLC
Dipping Belt - Luxury Body Fitness, LLC
Dipping Belt - Luxury Body Fitness, LLC
Dipping Belt - Luxury Body Fitness, LLC
Dipping Belt - Luxury Body Fitness, LLC

Dipping Belt

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Build your muscle mass and get your ideal physique by hanging weights on your body with the help of Dipping Belt by Luxury Body Fitness!

Have you wanted a killer physique for a long time? Do you want to build muscle mass? Are you looking for ways to strengthen your muscles?

You have come to the right place. Luxury Body Fitness provides premium quality affordable Dipped Belts with Chains to fulfill your weightlifting needs.

Excellent for Triceps:

With the use of the dipped belt, triceps dips are hit in a very effective manner. The force applied on the triceps throughout the dips will be quite extra than the bench press.

Stress division around the body:

You get the advantage to determine which of your body parts will get how much stress based on your positioning of the body.

Best for shoulders and elbow:

The pressure is taken off from the elbows and shoulders because a neutral grip is achieved by the dips. So, if you are experiencing any kind of soreness in these parts, you will still be able to perform a maximum exercise with minimum pain.

Great for back issues:

If you are suffering from back pain and other back issues then a dipped belt from Luxury Body fitness is great equipment for you. It is broadly accepted that swinging from a bar and performing a dipping motion can assist with altering the back to lessen the pain.

Free movement of shoulders:

The movement of your shoulders is controlled when you use the bench. On the contrary, while using the dip belt, you can move your shoulders freely.

Dipย belts sometimes called "hip belts," are large fabric or leather belts that encircle the hip and hang from a chain to attach weights. The advantage of using it for typical exercises, such as jumps and pull-ups, is that it allows you to increase the difficulty of bodyweight exercises. Dipping belts have been in the sports bags of many bodybuilders and athletes for quite some time now and for good reason. They allow you to add weight to many exercises that are already effective in themselves. More weight means more value from exercise, something that any serious strength coach can take on.

WITH Dipping Belt, YOU'LL GET:
  • PREMIUM QUALITY NEOPRENE USED - the Dipping Belts are made of high-quality Neoprene which is sturdy, heat resistant, temperature regulator, has great stability, and can hold up to 100 kg/220 lb of weight easily.
  • ENHANCE EFFECTIVENESS OF WIDE RANGE OF EXERCISES - the Dipping Belt is ideal for triceps, shoulders, arms, elbows, back, and lower body exercises. It also allows you to do these exercises without any additional stress or resistance, making it an ideal instrument for weightlifters and bodybuilders.
  • SIZE OF BELT AND CHAIN - the length of the Dipping Belt is almost 60 cm/35 inches. The length of the chain is 86 cm/33 inches, making it an ideal accessory for weight distribution across the body.
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY - the Dipping Belt can be the ideal gift for your friends and family members who are into bodybuilding and weightlifting for all occasions.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and Grab your Dipping Belt from Luxury Body Fitness NOW!

Dipping Belt

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