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Ab Roller and Jump Rope
Ab Roller and Jump Rope
Ab Roller and Jump Rope
Ab Roller and Jump Rope
Ab Roller and Jump Rope
Ab Roller and Jump Rope
Ab Roller and Jump Rope

Ab Roller and Jump Rope

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Lose weight and develop abs fast and easily with the Ab Roller and Jump Rope and exercise all your body parts at once with this amazing gadget by Luxury Body Fitness.

Do you want to lose belly fat? Are you tired of performing crunches because you don’t see any results? Do you build muscle strength? Are you experiencing severe back pain? Do you feel laziness and lack of control over your body?

Then look no more. Because at Luxury Body Fitness we have high-quality two in one Abdominal Roller and Jump Rope available at us at a very reasonable price.

Better than crunches:

Crunches are hard to do and show results after a very long time. On the other hand, the muscle involvement of your abs is really strong and you will be able to get results in lesser time than crunches.

Several muscles workout:

A large number of muscles are strengthening at the same time with the help of the abdominal roller. Other exercises are effective on a limited number of muscles only.

Reduces back pain:

Abdominal Roller and Jump Rope by Luxury Body Fitness makes your core stronger that will help you resolve many back issues. A strong back will assist you in doing your daily chores effectively.


When you hop rope on the bundles of your feet, your body associates with the psyche to make "neural solid modifications" to keep you adjusted. This increases the overall balance of your body and makes you active.

Ab wheels are low-tech equipment that has been around for decades and is used consistently by athletes and coaches. It rolls while you are using it so you can move your body back and forth in different directions and can focus on individual muscle groups. Building a stable core helps you in all of your physical activities and helps reduce the risk of muscle injury. The exercise wheel is effective in strengthening your trunk, and it also works your lower back muscles. You can maintain good posture and provide a solid, centered base from which the limb muscles can move.

Never pay for a gym ever membership again. Workout with the comfort of your home.


WITH Ab Roller and Jump Rope, YOU'LL GET:

  • PROMINENT RESULTS IN A SHORT TIME - the Ab Roller and Jump Rope remove the belly fat and correct posture efficiently and in a short amount of time. You should use the ab wheel daily for at least half an hour to see the positive effects.
  • TONES THE WHOLE BODY -you don’t need to do several exercises for the whole body since the Ab Roller and Jump rope does it all for you. It is ideal for back alignment, toning muscles, regulation of blood circulation, increasing overall balance of body, the increment of breathing efficiency, and many more.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - the Ab Roller is made of high-quality ABS and it has a stainless steel tube which makes it easier for rolling. The jump rope is also made of high-quality polymer.
  • COLOR AND SIZE - the Ab Roller and Jump Rope is available in black, white, blue, purple and pink color. The roller’s diameter is 33x168 cm.

 Go and Grab your Ab Roller and Jump Rope from Luxury Body Fitness NOW!



Ab Roller and Jump Rope

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